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IRON MAIDEN – “Seventh son of a seventh son” (EMI) – Worst to best
LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT interview (Jordan Rudess)
Αφιέρωμα στο 90s metal – 1994 part 3
WHITESNAKE – “1987” (or “Whitesnake”) – Worst To Best
BLIND GUARDIAN – “Imaginations from the other side” – Worst to best
HELLOWEEN: Δείτε το εκπληκτικό video clip του “Skyfall”
NEED interview (Jon Voyager)
THE INSIDER – 18 unknown stories about “2112” by RUSH
THE INSIDER – 27 unknown stories about “Blackout” by SCORPIONS
JUDAS PRIEST – “Sad wings of destiny” – Worst to best
The Insider – 20+1 unknown stories about “The number of the beast” by IRON MAIDEN
Δέκα τραγούδια από “posers” που είναι όσο heavy θέλετε…
HELLOWEEN – “Helloween” (Nuclear Blast) (προακρόαση)
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