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Lacuna Coil 2011-6Hel­lo Greece!
Check­ing in from San Jose, Cal­i­for­nia, where are per­form­ing tonight on Gigan­tour, with Vol­beat, Motor­head and Megadeth.
It’s final­ly sun­ny out and I’m so glad we can hang up the heavy jack­ets for one day.
I guess the cold will be back soon, in few days, when we hit Denver!
This tour is going well, big venues, great bands, fan­tas­tic crews and we are hav­ing a blast per­form­ing a mix­ture of old songs and some of the new mate­r­i­al from “Dark Adren­a­line”. The dif­fer­ent crowds drawn by the dif­fer­ent bands on the bill are all react­ing in a great way to our set…and that gets me pumped every night and ready to fight, on stage.
But tour­ing is not always as easy as it seems.
Not only the con­stant trav­el­ing crazi­ness, the air­ports, the jet­lags that con­fuse me as to what day and time it is, but also being on a tour bus with anoth­er 11 (some­times more) peo­ple and their habits.
The sched­ule is so damn crazy some­times that I have no sleep in between gigs and I feel like a zom­bie wan­der­ing in an airport.
Being always far from my loved ones makes me feel home­sick very often, but that’s the path I chose and I feel blessed that I made a job out of my biggest pas­sion, but man, it’s not easy, let me tell you.
I have to say that Lacu­na coil is very well organized.
In all these years we learned that a tour bus is a real mov­ing house that NEEDS some com­fort pieces.
First things first: an elec­tric moka machine (the rule is that each one of us has to pack some Ital­ian cof­fee in the bag before we even leave our homes, before a tour), a bar­be­cue and a pani­ni grill (ask the var­i­ous crew who enjoyed our barbecues/grills with final touch of moka cof­fee!), extra vir­gin olive oil (Ital­ians, aye?).
This makes us feel we have a lit­tle lux­u­ry on the road.
For­get hotels and swim­ming pools.
We are basi­cal­ly gip­sies fol­low­ing the sun.
Only low point, and excuse me for my French, you can’t poo on the bus, cause the sep­tic tank won’t “break it”. Think about us next time you’ll sit in your own toi­let, cause we don’t see ours in months.
A bunk is each one’s lit­tle qui­et zone at the end of the day and is the only place where you can have a sense of pri­va­cy. Go figure!
It’s amaz­ing to see that every bunk reflects the per­son­al­i­ty of each person.
Criz sleeps in front of me, he’s the com­put­er guy, all you can see is cables attached to the wall and hard dri­ves on the mattress.
Maus is the metic­u­lous one. I bet even the most dis­ci­plined mil­i­tary guy would not make a bed look­ing as good and stretched as his.
I did­n’t get the chance to check Piz­za­’s bunk, cause he’s pret­ty much always in it.
I guess Mar­co and Andrea are the most bal­anced ones, ahah!
But he we go: my bunk is full of ran­dom stuff includ­ing an owl pil­low, a tiger rug (fake, of course) and a lit­tle bison stuffed ani­mal (Let alone clothes…I can’t believe I can even fit in there anymore).
I am con­vinced there’s a crazy 10 year old lit­tle boy in my wom­an­ly shaped body, eager to get out any moment.
My sheets need to be absolute­ly clean or I freak out.
Some­times I go into house­wife mode and clean up the inte­ri­or of the bus spray­ing air deodor­ant and dis­in­fec­tants and put every­thing back in its place.
That reminds me I have to make my bed now and put back to sleep owl, tiger and bison.
They’ll pro­tect my bunk from vis­i­tors ’til tonight.
Love ‘n metal,


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